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Ny uppdatering Mariko-beta 1.0.304

Tack till alla er som hjälper till att testa och komma med förslag på förbättringar. Ni är bäst! Det kan ta 1 dag eller 2 innan Apple godkänner uppdateringen. ————————————————————— Hur ger jag feedback? 1 Skaka på telefonen så aktiveras en feedback funktion där du också kan spela in skärmen. OBS Klicka på + för […]

Oooo. Apple, we are now very close to a launch!

Hello everyone! Just when we were ready to launch, Apple released a major update to iOS. This has meant that we need to fix a few things so that everything works as it should. Hang in there, we're almost done! Thanks to all of you who are helping to beta test, you're the best!!!

Mariko, ways of working and developments within Ai

Mariko Ai

Hello everyone! I am writing this blog post at your request. My name is Markus Blomqvist and I am the initiator and responsible for the development of Mariko. Many of you are curious about how we work, and how we will integrate Ai into Mariko. Many of you have also offered their help in developing Mariko and [...].

Read about what inspired us to create Mariko.

Mariko digital assistent Mariko insta post

It all started with a letter from a girl called Vilja. Below you can read her letter. It was her story and many others that inspired us to create Mariko. She wrote like this: I dream of being able to live a life on the same terms as everyone else. To be able to join my friends and [...].

Challenges of living with ADHD and how I deal with them

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share my experiences about the challenges of living with ADHD. As you may already know, I have the diagnosis and it can be difficult at times, but I have also learned to deal with it in different ways. So here is my story about the challenges I have faced [...].

How a digital assistant can reduce stress and anxiety

Mariko digital assistent

Today I thought I would share my experiences on how a digital assistant can help reduce stress and anxiety. I can say that I have had a hard time dealing with these feelings at times, but since I started using a digital assistant, it has really made a big difference in my [...].

My thoughts on how I create a balanced daily routine

Mariko digital assistent

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would write about my thoughts on how I create a balanced daily routine. I'll throw in my top 5 tips as well. I know that it can be easy to get stuck in a disorganized daily routine and feel stressed and overwhelmed, but with a little planning and organization you can really [...]...