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In the Mariko blog you will be able to read about most things related to Mariko, organizing, planning and prioritizing what is important in life.

We write about personal productivity, how to reduce stress and anxiety in a somewhat chaotic world. We write about cool technology and what we dream of.

We write about what interests us and feels important.

Do you have any requests for what you want to read about?
Maybe you want to write about something that interests you?
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New update Mariko-beta 1.0.304

Thank you to all of you who are helping to test and...

Läs mer2024-01-24

Oooo. Apple, we are now very close to a launch!

Hello, everybody! Just when we were ready to...

Läs mer2023-10-06

The beta testing of Mariko starts now!!!

Hello, everybody! We have now started sending out invitations...

Läs mer2023-04-18

Mariko, ways of working and developments within Ai

Hello everyone! I am writing this blog post at the request of...

Läs mer2023-03-02

Read about what inspired us to create Mariko.

It all started with a letter from a girl called...

Läs mer2023-02-01

Challenges of living with ADHD and how I deal with them

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my...

Läs mer2023-01-25

How a digital assistant can reduce stress and anxiety

Today I would like to share my experiences with the...

Läs mer2023-01-10

My thoughts on how I create a balanced daily routine

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to write about my thoughts...

Läs mer2023-01-06

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