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Submit your best tips on daily routines and win a Super gift card worth €499.

Many of you have asked for tips on daily routines that make life work. 
It could be a morning routine, a work routine or perhaps a good evening routine. 

Example of a morning routine

  1. 06.30: Get up and drink a glass of cold water when the bell rings. 
  2. 06.45-07.00: Shower. 
  3. 07.00-07.15: Put on the clothes on the bench in the bathroom.
  4. 07.15-07.45: Breakfast, eat the fruit salad in the blue jar in the fridge.  
  5. 08.00: Go to school.

Submit tips on your best daily routine below!

Cross-border cooperation

Mariko is a development project run by the Autism & Asperger Association in Stockholm County, Attention Stockholm County and the association Civic Innovation.

A unique combination of people and technology

Mariko is a digital assistant based on the latest research in neuropsychology and personal experience of living with ADHD, Autism and mental illness.

Mariko combines a digital planning tool with the support of a personal mentor via chat, video or phone. 

Mariko helps to reduce stress and anxiety and contributes to increased safety, awareness and independence.

Last but not least, Mariko relieves family members and supports employers and professionals in their communication with you.

What if everyone got the support they need, when they need it?

Many people with disabilities face various challenges and obstacles on a daily basis due to their disability, ignorance of their environment and inaccessible environments.

It can take a lot of energy to make the day work and explain why I need help with things that are obvious and super easy for others.

With Mariko, we want to change that. We are developing a unique digital assistant:  

  • Always available by phone and online.
  • That makes it easy to organize, plan and prioritize what's important to get done.
  • Which gives you access to a personal mentor whenever you need one.
  • Raising the awareness of those around me about my disability/variation.

Mariko is a collaboration between: