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Organize, plan and prioritize what is important in life.

Mariko is a groundbreaking digital assistant for those with ADHD, autism or who are affected by neuropsychiatric disabilities (NPD) in various ways.

Mariko en banbrytande digital assistent

About the Mariko project

Mariko is a development project funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. The project is run by Autism Stockholm County and the association Civic Innovation.

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Said about Mariko

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beta testers

Hugo has been helping us from day one with the development of Mariko. He has participated in workshops and provided feedback on design and functionality. Hugo has ADHD.


"I think Mariko will change the lives of many people"

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beta testers

Olivia has come up with ideas for several of Mariko's features. These include the ability to plan activities based on how much energy something gives or takes. Olivia is autistic and has ADHD.


"It's great to see many of my ideas become a reality. I really hope that it will make everyday life easier for many people "

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Leg. Psychologist

Alma is one of our professionals who evaluates the pedagogy and methodology that Mariko is based on. Alma is a great sounding board bringing invaluable perspectives and experience. Alma is autistic. 


"I am convinced that both I and my colleagues will benefit greatly from Mariko."

Create a visual daily schedule of activities and routines. Organize, plan and focus on what is important in life.


People and technology in a unique combination.

Mariko draws on the latest research in neuropsychology and personal experience of living with neuropsychiatric disabilities such as autism and ADHD.

Mariko combines innovative technology and the personal support of a mentor via chat.

Mariko is available on mobile phones and tablets as an app or on a computer through the web browser.

Personal support from a mentor when needed.

Many people with neuropsychiatric disabilities (NPD) face various challenges and obstacles on a daily basis due to personal challenges, lack of knowledge and inaccessible and difficult environments.

It can take a lot of energy to make the day work and to explain why some things can be challenging that for others are obvious and super simple.

With Mariko, we want to change this by offering a range of smart features and personalized support. 

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How does Mariko work?


1. Organize

Mariko helps you organize what needs to be done and by whom. For example, you can divide your day into morning routine, school routine and evening routine. Now you can find it quickly and easily directly on your phone, computer or the web.


2. Plan

Once we know who will do what, Mariko will help you plan when, where and how long it will take. You will receive reminders well in advance so that nothing is forgotten.


3. Prioritize

Knowing the order in which things need to be done and what is most important can be difficult, especially if we are feeling stressed. Mariko helps you with that. 



Mariko helps you identify your strengths, personal challenges and problems that may arise at school, work, leisure or perhaps at home.


Smart solution

Once we know what can be challenging, where and when, Mariko uses your strengths and what has worked for others to propose solutions to the challenges and problems we have identified.


Personal support

Sometimes we all need personal support to make our day work. As a user, you can quickly and easily get help from a mentor via chat directly in the app. Mariko's mentors are trained and have personal experience with NPF. 

Mariko works on all different types of devices. On mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Hi there! Curious about how it all started and who Mariko is? 

Feel free to share my story with others. 

Read more about what inspired us to create Mariko.

It all started with a letter from a girl called Vilja.

Below you can read her letter. It is her story and many others that have inspired us to create Mariko. 


She wrote as follows:


I dream of life on the same terms as everyone else. Being able to go with my friends and train, study at the university and get a job at the web agency that I practiced at during high school.

I have a neuropsychiatric disability (NPF) which for me, means I have sensory and executive challenges. These challenges make it very difficult for me to handle noisy environments, and loud sudden sounds, they physically hurt.

I have to fight very hard to be able to organize and plan my day since my working memory is as good as a goldfish. When unplanned changes happen, such as the subway being late or lessons at school being suddenly changed or cancelled, I get very stressed and sometimes I have a meltdown and need several days to recover.

I am faced with various challenges and obstacles on a daily basis due to my disability, the ignorance of those around me and inaccessible environments. It takes a lot of energy to make the day work and already after lunch I am often very tired and full of anxiety.

I often feel ashamed and stressed about depending on others for support and having to explain every day why I sometimes need help with things that to you are obvious and super simple.

I'm tired of feeling anxious every time about whether I should join my friends for coffee, whether I dare to apply for the further education I dream of or that I have forgotten something important again.

The personal challenges, the ignorance of those around me, the anxiety and the dependence on others results in that I often refrain from getting involved in different activities. For long periods I have neither met friends, studied nor worked. It is easy for me to isolate myself and then feel very bad mentally. It becomes a negative spiral that is difficult to get out of.

What if...

- I had a tool that I could always have with me that would make me more independent?

- I always had access to personal support when I needed it without having to ask my friends or parents every time?

- more people had knowledge about my particular challenges and what help I need?

- I had a day without anxiety!

Learn more about the team developing Mariko.


Those of us working on developing Mariko have different experiences of neuropsychiatric disabilities (NPF). Some of us have our own diagnosis, others have children, family and friends who are affected in different ways by the challenges of living with Autism and ADHD.


People and technology in a unique combination.

Some of us were involved in the introduction of the World Wide Web and have since then worked with social and technological innovation in various ways. Most of us have more than 15 years of practical experience working with NPF through education, supervision, therapy, research and in various non-profit organizations such as Attention, Autism & Aspergerföreningen and Shedo.


We are social workers, therapists, educators, musicians, designers, web developers, interaction designers, usability experts, business developers and life artists who share a strong desire to make a difference in the world.


Some of us speak and understand, Node, MongoDB, Firebase, Dart, Flutter, React, Swift and CSS...... Others Swedish, English and Italian.... Some want to learn Japanese and some want to create their own language.


Our values


  • We love to try new things, fail, learn and develop from that.
  • We believe that people are driven by meaning.
  • Making a difference and seeing people develop is a KICK for us.
  • That all people have the same universal needs, it's how we meet them that sets us apart.
  • Our actions are attempts to meet our needs. We can be more or less adept at it.
  • Diversity.
  • Voluntariness is a prerequisite for cooperation.
  • Privacy is non-negotiable.
  • Change & curiosity.
  • The benefits of products and services arise from their use.
  • To sell only what we use and believe in ourselves.


If you want to know more, or want to contribute in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

/ Mariko team

Our vision for the future, social and technological innovation.

It looks bright 😉

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For those who are close to someone with NPD

Mariko relieves you as a family member by simplifying communication with both relatives and other professionals that your are in contact with.

You get an overview of what needs to be done, by whom and when. 

You can clearly see which areas and activities are working well, which strengths the person has and where extra support is needed.

You will get suggestions on solutions personalized to you, and strategies used by others in similar situations.

For professionals

For those who encounter people with NPD in their work, Mariko serves as a communication platform between all the different parties. 

Share important information with colleagues, relatives and authorities. Remind and support the person you are working with in a safe and easy way. 

A central location for everyone involved makes collaboration and coordination easy.

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Three things Mariko can help you with


Raising awareness

Mariko helps you, your loved ones and professionals to understand what, why, when, where and with whom certain activities can be challenging and how best to manage them.


Personal development

Awareness is a prerequisite for growing as an individual. Mariko helps you to focus on what is really important in your life so that you can be more indipendent.


Easier cooperation

Mariko allows you to invite other people to your account with whom you want to collaborate. You also have the possibility to share your insights with other Mariko users.